3rd Grade-Tapia-Alvarez HR-A113 Assignments

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Tuesday 3/23/21 - Reading in Google Classroom

Tuesday 3/23/21 - Reading

1. Read a fiction book.
2. Think of a character who you can write 4 traits and evidence about.
3. Submit your work


Moday - Read Aloud (Visualize) in Google Classroom

Moday - Read Aloud (Visualize)

1. Brainstorm writing ideas.
2. Choose one idea to write about.
3. Write .
4. Submit your work


Friday- Math in Google Classroom

Friday- Math

1. Look at the number line.
2. Figure out what multiplication it represents.
3. Type in the missing number.


Tuesday - Writing in Google Classroom

Tuesday - Writing

1. Brainstorm letter ideas.
2. Choose one letter to write.
3. Write your letter.
4. Submit your work