Ms. Joey's Class-Kelly A140 Assignments

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Thanksgiving Bar Graph in Google Classroom

Thanksgiving Bar Graph


Thankful Turkey in Google Classroom

Thankful Turkey

What are you thankful for?


Early American Vocabulary in Google Classroom

Early American Vocabulary

Follow the directions on the first slide


Go on a Virtual Field trip in Google Classroom

Go on a Virtual Field trip

Go through the slides and take some time to see how the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade works!


BOOM CARDS in Google Classroom


Complete the cards you have not done and work on the 2 ULS (unique learning system) slides about our lessons from the month. All Boom card assignments will be deleted Sunday and no credit can be given after that time.


BOOM cards in Google Classroom

BOOM cards

Please complete the decks on boom cards that have been assigned:
Groceries, Past and present, and Skip counting.


Money and coins in Google Classroom

Money and coins

Log on to Complete the lessons that have been "recommended by the teacher." One on recognizing coins and one on counting coins.


"WH" question for Macy's Day parade


Describing Habitats in Google Classroom

Describing Habitats

Answer the quiz questions about WETLANDS AND TUNDRAS>


What kind of job would you like to have in the future? in Google Classroom

What kind of job would you like to have in the future?


Learn about kindness in Google Classroom

Learn about kindness

Click on the books to get the links to the read alouds.


Sight words for November in Google Classroom

Sight words for November

Please read through and say or point to the words throughout the month.


Sight word practice in Google Classroom

Sight word practice

Click and drag the pieces to spell out the sight words.