4th Grade ART-11:25-11:55 Everyday with Mrs.Murphy Assignments

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Animal Shape Drawing in Google Classroom

Animal Shape Drawing

1. Think about your favorite animal.

2. Using only goemetric and organic shapes, draw your animal. Keep it large and simple!

3. Add color inside the shapes and in the background behind your animal.You may use any coloring supplies that you
have including markers, crayons, paint or colored pencils.

4. Take a picture of your animal artwork using your Chromebook camera and upload it to this Google Art Classroom by
Thursday at 3:00pm.
Please do not email me your artwork. Please upload it to my Google Art Classroom so I can see it there.
Thank you!

5. Be Creative and Amazing 4th Graders!!


Special Object Drawing in Google Classroom

Special Object Drawing

1. Choose an object that is special to you and put it on a table in front of you.
2. Get a piece of paper and a pencil and draw your object exactly how it looks. This is called an observation drawing because you are looking at something and drawing what you see.
3. When you are done drawing, write the name of the object you drew at the top of your paper.
4. Then take a picture of your drawing using the camera on your chrome book.
5. Upload the picture of your drawing to my Google Classroom and turn it in.


A is for ARTIST Sketchbook Assignment in Google Classroom

A is for ARTIST Sketchbook Assignment

Click on the Google Slide and follow the directions to create a digital artwork in the picture frame. Turn in your work on this Google Classroom by Friday at 3:00 pm.


What is a 6 word sentence that describes something about you  on the first day of school? in Google Classroom

What is a 6 word sentence that describes something about you on the first day of school?

Please write a 6 word sentence about how you are feeling on the first day of school. Please remember to capitalize the first letter of the sentence and use a period at the end. Message your 6 word sentence to me through the this Google Classroom. Thank you!