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Add Color to Mexican Sun Design in Google Classroom

Add Color to Mexican Sun Design

We will be using Cool Colors (Blues, Greens and Purples) and Warm Colors (Reds, Oranges and Yellows) for our sun designs. You will have to decide whether you want to use cool colors on the sun and warm colors in the background OR warm colors on the sun and cool colors in the background. It is up to you which way that you want to do it but you need to make the decision BEFORE you begin to color.

1. Look at the sun design that you drew and outlined in black marker. Decide whether you will be using using warm or cool colors for the sun. You can look at the examples that I have attached below.
2. Begin adding color to the sun with the supplies that you have (markers, paint, crayons, colored pencil). Use good craftsmanship as you color by filling in all the white spaces and coloring in one direction.
2. When you are done coloring the sun, add the warm or cool colors to the background so that the whole background is filled in.
3. When you are finished, take a picture of your final sun design and turn it in to this Google Art Classroom by 3:00pm on Friday, September 25.
Thank you and enjoy creating your uniques sun designs!


Mexican Sun Design- Black Outline Only in Google Classroom

Mexican Sun Design- Black Outline Only

The Aztecs lived in Mexico from around 1300-1500 AD. They worshiped the sun because it provided life to all people. Sun symbols are found in many Aztec designs and are still found today in Mexican Art. Ceramic artists from Metepec, Mexico create bright, colorful sun artwork out of clay. We are drawing sun designs with layers of patterns and faces that express an emotion. Here are the directions for the first part of your sun design.

1. Research the internet for ideas on different Mexican Sun design ideas. Notice the various colors, shapes and patterns that artists use.
2. Using a pencil, so that you can erase as you work, draw your own unique sun design which is as large as your paper. Your design should have at least 5 layers of patterns surrounding the face. Each pattern should be different. For example, you may start with triangles surrounding the circle and then add another layer of circles or squares. As you create the patterns, they may become very detailed.
3. Add the features of the face to your sun. You should include eyes, a nose, and a mouth. You may add other features if you wish. Your sun should show a specific emotion through the way that you draw the features.
4. When your drawing is finished, outline the pencil lines with a black marker. DO NOT COLOR IT YET!
5. Take a picture of your design and turn it in to my Google Art Classroom by Wednesday at 3pm.


ADD COLOR to your 2 Contour Line Drawings in Google Classroom

ADD COLOR to your 2 Contour Line Drawings

1. Use colored pencils or crayons or paint to add color to both of the drawings you did of your object. Look at your object again and observe where there are changes in value (Light and Dark areas).

2. When you are finished adding color to both of your drawings please take a picture of your work with your chromebook and upload the picture to this Google Art Classroom.


Thank you! You are awesome and amazing 7th grade artists!


2 Contour Line Drawings in Google Classroom

2 Contour Line Drawings

1. Choose one of your favorite objects and set it on a table in front of you.
2. Fold a piece of paper in half.
3. On the top half of the piece of paper, draw the object in front of you exactly the way it looks.
4. Draw only draw the lines that you see. You do not need to add shading.
5. Label this drawing "Contour Line Drawing of a _____________"
6. On the bottom half of the paper, draw the same object without looking at your paper. Try not to pick up your pencil while you are drawing and do not look at your paper. Look only at the object you are drawing.
7. Label this drawing " Blind Contour Drawing"
8 Take a picture of your drawing paper with the two drawings on it and turn in to this Google Classroom by Tuesday, September 15th at 3pm.


Interactive Sketchbook in Google Classroom

Interactive Sketchbook

Complete the pages in your interactive sketchbook by uploading your own drawings or adding photographs. Where there are directions to write things please use complete sentences. Please complete all 6 pages in your sketchbook and then turn it back in to me on this Google classroom. Be creative and have fun! Thank you for giving me your best!