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Ideas for Educational Learning at Home

Ideas for Educational Learning at Home

Sensory: Children use their senses to explore the world around them as they grow through the exploration of new textures, materials, and resources.

  • Container of warm water with play toys ( balls, sponges, cups, spoons, washcloth,etc.)
  • Fill a container with dry material ( beans, rice or different pastas). Hide toys or other objects in the dry goods for your child to find.
  • Go on a sensory hunt around the house. Find different textures, colors and sizes or objects. Talk about the discoveries with your child.
  • Make a fort with pillows and blankets
  • Play in lotion and shaving cream or sand
  • Dye eggs - mix colors

Music: Music activities are great because they can be easily adjusted to any age and you make music with just about anything in the house.

  • Play your favorite music on the radio, ipod, Pandora, youtube, etc.
  • Sing songs with hand motions and help your child participate in the motions
  • Make your own instruments out of household objects
  • Talk about loud and soft sounds, fast and slow
  • Describe the different instruments that you hear in a song

Reading: Reading to your child helps promote expressive and receptive language along with so many other skills.

  • Grab any book and read to your child
  • Talk about the pictures on the pages and have your child look at the pictures or touch the picture while you are reading.
  • Use the ipad or laptop to watch and listen to read alouds
  • Give your child a book and let them engage on their own.
  • Have family members read to each other

Math: Math is measuring, sorting, building, noticing patterns, making comparisons, and describing the environment, as well as counting and knowing the names of shapes. 

  • Count any items with your child (food, silverware, socks, shoes, cups, toys, etc.)
  • Identify and talk about shapes in your home. Talk about sizes, colors, same and different.
  • Sing counting songs and clap out the number amounts.
  • Build towers with blocks, Leggos or containers. Talk about tall, short, more and less.
  • Talk about the calendar and count the days of the month.
  • Work on positional words: in/out, up/down, top/bottom, over/under, in front/behind/next to.

Educational Websites:

  • PBS
  •    (This site has all kinds of coloring pages.  If you read a story, you may be able to find a worksheet to use as a follow-up activity.)
  • for holiday craft activities
  •   (This website has a multitude of sound effects.  It is a lot of fun to add sound effects to books that are read aloud.)
  •   Library of Congress
  •   (These are books written by children.  Search for books by topic, language, and age level.)



The Class of 108

I know you and your students are missing school as much as I am! I thought you might like this little video I have made of the students in room 108 participating in some fun activities! I hope you enjoy it! I would appreciate any comments you may have! Love, Ms. Stark